PB striper bottoms out scale

MASSIVE LINESIDE – Josh Giordano from the Orville with his PB striped bass, estimated at around 60 pounds.


SACRAMENTO RIVER ­– When the stars (and moon) align, great things can happen. Josh Giordano from the Oroville area is no stranger to catching big fish – earlier this year he caught and released a massive rainbow trout that would have shattered the current state record. But he is more about letting the fish go than to pursue a record.

This time he connects to another beast, so we’ll let Josh tell the story. “Words can’t say enough. I was so grateful to meet this magnificent river monster. I did a solo mission last night. The moon is right, the water is perfect. The smell of monster fish was in the air. I launched, heading down river with the first spot producing a few small under-size stripers.

“I started off with a 6-inch glide made by Morone California trophy swimbaits. But I always have the BBW tied on as the lampreys are in abundance over on the river. As the 75 percent full moon was just above me, I hooked a nice fish in the 7 to 10 pound range. I let that one go, then hooked 6 landed and landed 5. This was becoming an epic night.


“But then it happened – the giant eats the BBW. I didn’t realize the size as it ran straight at me and went right under the boat giving me a good look. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I went into full gear pulling Anchor dropping the troll motor and the chase was on. “Up river, under logs 3 different times, I found myself putting rod under tree branches and finally landed my personal best striper. No net and again I was solo. This behemoth was 52 inches long and 31-inch girth. This fish bottomed out my 50-pound scale! Doing the math right this fish is just around the 60-pound range. After a few pics and a kiss I released it unharmed and ready to fight another day!”