Splashing new colors across Evergreen’s CR crankbait line


Eight new color patterns provide additional sizzle across a wide range of conditions to generate more strikes and increased lunker potential.

CYPRESS– Black bass fans across the country will be thrilled to know that Ever Green International is introducing eight new colors to its highly respected CR crankbait line. Encompassing sizes 6 through 16 of the deep digging hard baits that cover water depths ranging from six to 16 feet, the new colors provide a mix of bright, natural and translucent finishes. Combined with the current popular offerings, the new additions are designed to provide bass anglers more choices over an exceptionally wide range of fishing situations and water clarity conditions.

Widely recognized as a super producer for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, Ever Green’s CR crankbait series has long been a popular choice amongst serious bass anglers, but the addition of eight new colors really takes things to the next level. The new patterns include vibrant blue/red Pumpkinseed, yellow and black Oki Chart, and silver/black/orange Cold Shad, all of which should prove terrific for working discolored water. New Hologram Wakasagi, Skeleton Wakasagi and Half Mirror Shad patterns, meanwhile, feature silver hues and bring a more natural appearance to the series for those who love to match the hatch.

Also included in the color additions is Oki Gold, an awesome pattern that matches natural forage like yellow perch and golden shiners while generating an eye-catching flash that drives bass wild since true gold is an uncommon color in the crankbait realm. When fish are on a gold bait pattern, they sometimes focus on nothing else – so this could be the key to unlocking some furious action. Lastly, Ever Green is adding a Pre-Spawn Dynamite pattern. Burnt orange/brown and partially translucent, it’s flashy enough to turn heads but tame enough to not spook shy bass. Expect this pattern to excel in cool, clear waters.

With the addition of eight new colors to the current stable, which already includes Ayu, Blue Black Chartreuse, Fire Craw, Olive Crawdad, Diamond Shad and Queen Shad, Ever Green’s CR line-up is truly ready to rock and roll. These crankbaits feature a Tungsten weight transfer system for superior casting, minimal retrieval resistance, natural action, and the ability to securely stick any fish that strikes. Whether targeting bass in the spring, summer or fall, or in clear water, stained water or murky depths, there’s now a CR pattern to match every situation. MSRP ranges from $15.99 to $17.99 based on crankbait size.