Storm debuts new red crawfish patterns in Arashi Vibe Lipless Cranks

The Storm Arashi Vibe will be available soon in two new vibrant crawfish patterns.

Minnetonka, Minnesota — The bait that helped Ott DeFoe win a Bassmaster Classic will soon be available in two new patterns to help anglers get more bites in tough conditions. Next season, Storm Arashi Vibe lipless crankbaits will come in Classic Craw and Fluorescent Red Craw color patterns.

The new color patterns were inspired by the permanent-marker customizations DeFoe made to a Storm Arashi Vibe lure that helped him win the 2019 Bassmaster Classic, which was contested in mid-March on Fort Loudon Reservoir, a Tennessee River impoundment. To make a Rusty Craw-pattern Vibe more visible in Fort Loudon’s stained water, DeFoe customized its appearance with red, orange and black Sharpie markers.

“I made it a little prettier than what comes out of the package,” joked DeFoe, who is a Rapala fishing pro. Storm lures are one of several highly respected brands within the Rapala family.

Lipless crankbaits such as the Storm Arashi Vibe often excel in the spring, when bass are first pulling up from deeper water and moving close to shallow spawning areas. The Arashi Vibe swims at a slower speed than other lipless crankbaits. They fall slower too, allowing anglers to fish them in shallower water at a slower speed.


Featuring a soft-knock rattle, Storm Arashi Vibe lures emit a unique single-cadence, low-pitch sound that attracts attention without alarming tentative fish.

Storm Arashi Vibe lures also include a patented self-tuning line tie and rotated hook hangers, which nest the hooks close to the bait’s body, preventing hang-ups and improving action. The Storm Arashi Vibe has an MSRP of $8.99 (US).