VMC Expands Tokyo Rig line-up, adds new Finesse Neko model

The new VMC Hooks Finesse Neko

Minnetonka, Minnesota – VMC, renowned worldwide for its legendary fishing hooks, is expanding its Tokyo Rig line-up to include a new Finesse Neko model.

The new rig will enable anglers to give finesse-size soft-plastics better action, improve their hook-up ratio and put more bass in their boat.

Imagine a drop-shot rig on steroids – with a big hook and indestructible metal leader. That’s a Tokyo Rig. It features a super-strong VMC hook, barrel-swivel, welded O-Ring, and a 2.5-inch rigid-wire dropper arm to which you can attach a weight or two of your choice. The original model featured a Wide Gap hook. Flippin’ Hook and Worm Hook models followed.

The new Finesse Neko model by VMC makes the innovative fishing system even more versatile. A feature unique to the new model is an adjustable fluorocarbon bait-keeper on its long-shank, wide-gap Neko Hook.


“Once you slide your bait over that little keeper, your worm is not going anywhere,” said VMC and Rapala® pro Michael “Ike” Iaconelli. “It will keep it threaded without that bait ripping through. Pretty amazing.”

With an MSRP of $4.99 (US), the VMC Finesse Neko Tokyo Rig is the newest addition to VMC’s “Ike-Approved” line-up of terminal tackle. It’s available in four sizes: 2, 1, 1/0 and 2/0, and comes two per pack.

The Tokyo Rig’s key design innovation is how it positions a weight below your bait and away from the impact zone. This helps ensure nothing gets between a bass and the hook during your hookset. To keep your weight(s) in place, simply use a narrow-nose pliers to bend back the end of the rig’s rigid, 2.5-inch dropper wire.